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Spicy + Flavor

Some brands say "the spicier the better" but neglect the flavor. Others preach flavor is key but don't deliver that "kick" we need. We create hot sauces that gives you the best of both worlds.

A Taste Of Costa Rica

Hailing from Limon, Costa Rica, Chef Tico Rico creates using the flavors and spices native to his birthplace to transport you to the vibrant cities of Costa Rica with every bite.

All-Natural Ingredients

At Tico Rico we use REAL FOOD. Grown and picked fresh from the soil. No additives or synthetic preservatives.

Meet Chef Tico Rico

Tropical land tends to sprout people with vibrant cultures. The Caribbean coast of Costa Rica is no exception. From Afro-Latin roots and a childhood spent hovering near his grandmother as she cooked, emerged Chef Richard Taylor a.k.a "Chef Tico Rico". His passion for food and love for all those who share in eating it shines through when making his signature hot sauces.

Our Happy Customers

The best thing about this delicious sauce is that it elevates the taste of your food rather than just making it spicier.

I don't usually like spicy things but Tico Rico is different. A lot of hot sauces just try to destroy your taste buds with spice but Tico Rico Habanero sauce is super flavorful with a huge kick at the end.

My Wife and I love Tico Rico! Both original and the super spicy one... soooo good!

Our Story

Our origin story is quite interesting. I once worked as a chef at a golf club in Illinois. Everyday, two of the members would come by the cafe after golfing and while they loved my food they were always asking for hot sauce...

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