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Tico Rico Hot Sauce Starter Kit (2 pack)

Tico Rico Hot Sauce Starter Kit (2 pack)

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The official Tico Rico "starter kit" for any hot sauce lover. Enjoy the heat of the Habanero and the refreshing but spicy kick of Serrano Lime. With these two sauces in your arsenal, you can make any meal scrumptious!


Customer Reviews

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Kat Castro
Best Hot Sauce hands down: Tico Rico Hot Sauce Starter Kit

Right before seeing this email, I just finished my egg and cheese tortilla with some Tito Rico Serrano Lime hot sauce. And omg it just makes everything THAT MUCH BETTER. This is hot sauce that has a great combo of heat and savory. Ill be reordering when we run out!

Steven Bounds
Pick this up!

We've added Tico Rico to our weekly tacos and let me tell you, they've taken them to the next level! We purchased the starter kit which includes Habanero and Serrano Lime. The Habanero is packed with flavor that follows up with a nice dose of heat. The Serrano Lime sauce adds a delicious refreshing flavor to the dish. It's amazing what only a few dashes of this sauce can do for your food. I cannot recommend each flavor enough!

Timothea Stinnett

Tico Rico Hot Sauce Starter Kit (2 pack)

Not a common spicy

Not just spicy... add value! authentic, mouth watering rich flavor...!!!

Scott Bartlett
Love this Tico Hot Sauce

It has a wonderful flavor, and the spice/heat is not overpowering as other hot sauces. I strongly recommend this hot sauce to my friends.


How hot?
Spicier than Chalula, but not quite as hot as Dave's insanity and tastier than both! 

Is this vegan friendly?
Yes. We use all natural ingredients too!

Is it gluten-free?
Yes. No gluten involved here.

Calorie content?
Only 5 calories per serving so it fits perfect with low cal diets as well.

What's the scoville value for the original sauce?
500,000 units

Does this sauce contain sulfites?
Nope. No sulfites involved here.

Is this Keto/Paleo friendly?

Does it need to be refrigerated?
We suggest refrigerating it but some of our customers prefer it at room temperature

What is the shelf life on this thing?
It lasts 2 years but we have a feeling that it will be gone in 2 weeks after you have taste.

Fresh Homegrown Peppers

Food tastes better when you know how it's grown and picked so it was only natural that grow our own. Our peppers are nurtured to vibrancy making them extra flavorful.