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Our Story

"Flavor is key!" - Chef Tico Rico

Our origin story is quite interesting. I once worked as a chef at a golf club in Illinois. Everyday, two of the members would come by the cafe after golfing and while they loved my food they were always asking for hot sauce. I’d offer them what we had, which was brands like Tapatio, Tabasco, etc. That was ok, but these men were Indian, so like myself they were there used to food being both packed with flavor and spicy as can be. Like me when I go out to eat, they always wanted something spicier than we had on hand. 

This request inspired me to bring home habanero peppers and experiment. I brought the product of my experimentation, which is called the Tico Rico Habanero Sauce today, to the golf course and gave it to my spice-seeking friends. They rejoiced and asked where I bought it. Once they realized it was homemade by me, in unison they said “Bottle this stuff”. And so we did!