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Pleasantly Surprised!

Steven W.

"I'm a hot sauce junkie, so when I stumbled upon Tico Rico, I thought I would give it a try. This stuff has an amazing flavor, and a good amount of heat. It's not just hot for the sake of it, but well balanced with a great mustardy flavor. Haven't found a food yet that isn't enhanced by this sauce. Go ahead and get the 3 pack... you won't regret it!"

A must for your pantry

"The best thing about this delicious sauce is that it elevates the taste of your food rather than just making it spicier."


17 JUN 2020

Amazing Flavor!

"Love this sauce. Spicy but flavorful and doesn't overpower your food. I have been putting it on everything! A must have."


14 JUN 2020


"I found my new favorite hot sauce! The flavor and heat are perfect 🔥"


12 JUN 2020


"This hot sauce may be a new favorite in my household! It has a delicious mustardy flavor with such a good level of kick. Will definitely be ordering more!"


11 JUN 2020

Hot and tasty

"The dispenser won't let you put too much on your food but once you do, it makes everything taste better and there is good heat."


10 JUN 2020


"This stuff is SO GOOD. I got a 3 pack... delivered last Friday and the first bottle is almost done!

I keep trying it on different things that I would normally never put hot sauce on and it tastes good on everything!"


9 JUN 2020

Best hot sauce ever!

"This hot sauce is amazing. It's the perfect blend of spice and flavor, leaving your food and tongue better than they were. It's not just spicy for spicy's sake, but a deep, delicious flavor accompaniment to any food!"


9 JUN 2020


"Hot sauce yum. Have shared with friends and passed along cards. Customer service top notice. Communication helpful and often. Thank you so much."

Cynthia and Pete

8 JUN 2020

A kitchen staple and the perfect hostess gift!

"By far my favorite hot sauce! It tastes incredible and adds the best kind of heat to my favorite foods. I’m so glad I purchased multiple bottles - it’s been a perfect hostess gift for family and friends, and everyone I’ve given it to is now hooked too! So happy to spread the love and the flavors!"


6 JUN 2020

Amazing sauce!

"Goes w/ almost anything, was basically dabbing it on my chips w/ guac and added to my salads.

We went through a bottle in a weekend, make sure you pick up a few!

The heat def sneaks up on you, it's a def slow burn.

Flavor 5/5 stars
Heat 5/5 stars"

Ben J.

26 MAY 2020

A Kitchen Staple!

"This hot sauce is a MUST HAVE! It’s spicy enough to give a kick to so many different foods, but it doesn’t take away from the flavor. It is truly magic in a bottle. I have never tasted a hot sauce that is so unique and adds so much sass to every dish!! Don’t just stop at one bottle get yourself 3!"


17 MAR 2020

Flavor and heat!

"Delicious, deep flavor and slow, satisfying heat! I like a hot sauce that turns up the heat but still keeps it's flavor. Do yourself a favor and order the 3 pack!"


25 JUN 2020


"My Tico Rico hot sauce just showed up today and my husband and I are already obsessed with it. I can tell we are going to put it on everything. The flavor is incredible and unlike any hot sauce that I have had before. This hot sauce really stands out. Can't wait to have more!"


25 MAR 2020

Phew That’s Gooooood

"So much flavor in a small package. This hot sauce pairs well with every meal I eat! I especially love putting this liquid gold on my eggs every morning. Tico Rico hot sauce is a must in our household. The flavor and heat combination is unlike any other hot sauce I’ve ever tasted. Do yourself a favor and order some ASAP!"


17 MAR 2020

Give Me All The Sauce!

"Delicious, deep flavor and slow, satisfying heat! I like a hot sauce that turns up the heat but still keeps it's flavor. Do yourself a favor and order the 3 pack!"


11 MAR 2020